5 Tips on how to fight procrastination

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It is almost two months when I finally decided to create this blog, but, there is this one thing that stops me from doing this. I know this is common for ALL people (not just me), this is the act of delaying things from its completion until the need for it to be done arises.

So I have decided to create a blog about this thing and list down how I manage to prevent myself from getting sunk into the habit of delaying things or most commonly known as “Procrastination”.


1. Know your “Why?”

“Activity without a purpose is a drain of your life”
– Tony Robbins

The common reason that we normally tagged with the procrastination is the lack of motivation but that is only the tip of the iceberg sometimes there is a deeper reason than just the lack of motivation but also on the lack of clarity and direction on what specific things to do. The first thing to do is determine why you do things, what’s the objective, what’s the purpose or it can also be the fear of unknown. Once you have determined your “why” it will become easier for you to work on each task and be able to go against your habit of procrastinating.


2. Break it out!

The more difficult task is at hand the more we procrastinate, that’s what I have noticed when I’m assigned to huge project. This is common to everyone,the main reason is that we ALWAYS overwhelmed on the things that needs to be done. Once you break your project into small specific task, it will become easier for you to start. So break it out! And start NOW!


3. Change your battlefield

I have been hearing it several times that the most difficult battle is the battle against oneself. That is really a tough one so one of the easiest way is to change your environment. Remove ALL distractions (E.g., phones, internet and including people if they are distracting your must-do task.), with this you will be able to focus on the task at hand and avoid and distractions that causes you to procrastinate. Once you learned this, things will be a lot better and you won’t need to kick yourself to work on the environment not suitable for working. So the question now is… is your environment ideal to work or you have tons of things that distract you? Check it NOW!


4. Force it up! Or Pay it up!

I know this sounds ironic but you have to set to yourself a punishment if you don’t do specific things. People often hates punishment so when you push yourself and set a punishment for not doing it things will be different (For example, you commit to someone that if you don’t do such task you will treat them for lunch) that’s quite a very pushy one but this will surely force you to do it now. It is also one way of tricking yourself and setting it in a way that you don’t have any choice but to do it NOW!! So force yourself by putting something at stake. You will be left with no other choice but to work NOW.


5. Define yourself as a different person

You have been criticizing yourself for years, and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.”
– Louise L. Hay

This is one of the most difficult but have the most beneficial for you. The moment that you identify yourself that YOU’RE NOT A PROCRASTINATOR and things will gradually change. It is true that the things that we do everyday defines us but this is all because of every choices that we selected. The moment that you have defined who you are and that you are not a PROCRASTINATOR you will significantly see the difference. So who are you? Are you the person who let things slip? Or the person who can accomplish everything? It is all your choice.



These are the things that will surely push you to fight against procrastination. You can use them simultaneously but the final one gives the long lasting effect among the others, but this requires a deeper understanding and focus within oneself. Try the above things and check which one works for you!

Also, write in the comment section below on what are the other things you normally do to fight procrastination?



I have included some of the searches I found over the internet related to procrastination:




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