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5 Significant benefits of having a journal

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I started writing my journal last October 2018 since I’ve heard that it helps someone to have better decisions in the future. Out of curiosity I started doing it, and I slowly noticed that there is really something in this little tiny actions each night. This helps me to fully understand myself, it helps me to see and revisit what my conscious mind keeps on thinking before.

I have list some of the significant benefits that I have earned by writing to my journal each day, scientifically and psychologically, it was proven that keeping a journal gives lots of benefits.

The following items are only few of those other significant benefits that you can have by doing this little action each day:

1. The shift of mindset

Once you started writing your journal you can challenge your own way of thinking, this helps you to question your own thinking. By doing this, you can shift your mindset and see beyond what you conscious mind is seeing and be able to see what really lies within your subconscious mind. I was be able to see a better picture of myself and eventually materializing it and allowing me to slowly be the person I ever wanted to be. Try it for yourself and create the person you wanted to be!

2. Solitude of one’s inner self

The more you write your thoughts, the more you see your true values and priorities, and the more that you will have a better understanding of yourself. This helps you to understand and know your strengths, weaknesses, and even your vulnerabilities. You will be able to see how you previously react, and even see what you did before that might give you a better view of the situation in the present. So if you want to know yourself better and have better stronghold of who you are, write your thoughts and you will surely have a deeper understanding of yourself!

3. A mindfulness exercise

Writing each days gives a somewhat monitoring of yourself, you will be more mindful of your priorities and goals. This will help you fight against depression (Maybe, I will consider having a deeper discussion on this) as you will be more mindful of what you thinking, like, Are you being unfocused? Are you becoming down or sad lately? Are happy when because of certain things? Those questions that will allow you to assess and monitor your thoughts.

4. Foundation of habits

I just recently heard this from one of the Youtube videos that I watched. We all know that habit takes time to become a habit, and takes a consistent small recurring actions in order for us impart it to our way of life and finally, before it became what we called “Habit”.  The moment that you become conscious of your habits, which you wanted to build, it becomes easier for you to do it consistently. This allows you to be more committed than those who did not write it. Thus, building your habit will be much easier and more committed to do it. Now what habit do you want to build now? Try it and see it for yourself.

5. Your library of thoughts

Remember your journal is not just your notebook, but the archive of all your thoughts that you most likely have forgotten now. With your journal, you can always see your past self and see how you think, react and respond before. You can always look back and use it for the future. You can prevent from doing the same mistake over and over again, and you can have better decisions based on the outcome of your previous judgement. It is like having a monitoring of yourself.

Now start you journal and see what I am telling you, there are tons of other benefits that you can have by doing your journal. These are just few of those, try it and see it for yourself.

Let me know what are the benefits of journal in your life or if you haven’t started yet, let me know what you expect from this.

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