Goals and Success

3 Practical steps to achieve any goals

Photo by Isaac Smith on Unsplash

Are you the same with me who browse through the net searching on how to achieve your goals? Searching some tips and then ended up looking on Youtube videos of dogs? I have the same struggle as yours before but after some research, internalization and wisdom from books that I have read, I realized that there is this practical ways to achieve your goals.

What are those? It is just an easy steps that every one can follow, but definitely works for everyone. Here it is:

1.Hello Journal!

Creating your daily journal helps you become more mindful on your own thoughts and also allows you to focus on what are the most important things for you. In addition, writing your goals each day allows you to focus on each of your actions towards your goal.  It may sound really boring but this allows most of the successful people to focus and achieve anything in their life.

You can also check the other significant benefits of having a journal in our recent blog post.

2. Dream Goal board  

Forget about your dream board that will never happen, instead, have your own goal board. You know the difference of dreams and goals? It is the actions and commitment to achieve it, a dream will always be a dream because of inaction. So post your goals and set the specific time frame, read through it each day right after you woke up in the morning or before you sleep at night.

One day it will just happen, I know it sounds too cheesy or magical but that is how our mind works, what  your mind perceives becomes your reality. Just imagine how people discover internet, computer and airplanes? Isn’t everything just started with just a simple goal?

3. Daily affirmations

This is being done by writing to a piece of paper the phrase “I am ______”, put anything you wanted to be or wanted to feel. This type of goal setting allows you to focus on what or who you wanted to be, it allows you to touch your deepest subconscious mind to focus on who you really wanna be. Do this each morning and before you sleep, you will eventually see yourself as the person whom you long to be.


The above are some of the practical ways to achieve your goals. But, one thing is for sure those items will surely help you achieve any of your goals. Let me know your ways on setting up your own goal?


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