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7 Things to do when you feel stuck

Photo by Timothy Meinberg on Unsplash

Do you have this feeling that there’s something wrong within you? That feeling of emptiness. Those thoughts saying to yourself “What am I doing with my life?”.

I know at some point we have asked that question, and maybe you are still asking it to yourself right now. Maybe you’re an ambitious person like me or trying to figure things out about life, we often stumble down and get lost on this journey called “Life”.

Whatever it is, but I have realized, that it is all part of our human nature to feel these things, we all need some help in times like this. For us not to GIVE UP! On our passion or aspirations or goals in life and we must do something about it.

We have listed down the following things that you can do to get out of this rut and continue moving forward in this journey. At the end of the day, those whom we looked up are not those people who are JUST GREAT AT THEIR OWN FIELDS but those who BECAME GREAT AND NEVER GIVE UP on what they believed.

Let’s now begin what you can do on this feeling…

1. Write down your thoughts

You might not have thought about this but are minds tend to overthink a lot of things, that’s our design for us to survive and thrive. This is part of our body’s defense mechanism that keep us alive over the generations that already passed. However, this is also somewhat that stops us from growing and moving forward, IF NOT HANDLED PROPERLY.

What you can do is write down all those thoughts right now, “why do I feel will stuck?” or just write what those inner voices telling you, WRITE IT DOWN then READ IT. Then what you can do is, assess yourself on what can you do about those questions or problems you are thinking. This practice forces you to create ACTIONABLE TASKS for you to EXECUTE.

Do this practice and you will surely realize how our thoughts affects our emotions the most. Most especially when we feel like we don’t know what to do. The gravity or resistance to move or just conform with idleness causes us to feel stuck or immobile.

Now after doing it, how does it feel now? Let me know your thoughts on this.

2. Pause and plan for the next step

Possible reason is also you are overwhelmed about all the things you wanted to do that you are somewhat paralyze. What you can do is just PAUSE, BREATHE and take some time to PROCESS everything. Just breathe for a few minutes and think of just ONE NEXT STEP that you will do or must do. Remember this, and I need to reiterate that you just need to think of ONE STEP THAT YOU MUST DO.

This practice allows you to focus only on a single thing, often time, feeling stuck is caused by a lot of things that overwhelmed us. Focusing on a single thing allows us to keep on moving forward, then, you will notice that everything starts to follow. Try this exercise and let me know how it helps you.

3. Try something new

Like I keep on telling everyone that everything is just “normal”, and it is part of our life. Why not do something new? Possible reason that you are stuck is that you got “used to” about everything, about your daily routine and nothing excites you now. Sometimes we just felt stuck because we are BORED, give yourself a chance to seek something new, explore new things, read something that you haven’t read before and try something that you haven’t tried before.

The goal is to remove that feeling of “boredom” within you and once you got it moving or you felt like the “IDLENESS-FEELING” is fading, return to what you have to do or what you wanted do.

Remember everything is just normal and maybe you just feel it because you are bored. Now, DO SOMETHING NEW.

4. Reflect on what’s happening

Being stuck is mainly coming from your thoughts and not really something physical (unless you’ve broke your arm and can’t do anything or sick like hell right now). But what I am telling you is that, you are stuck because you feel stuck and you’re thinking about something that feels you “STUCK” (Well does that make any sense?). Why not try reflecting on those thoughts? This is somewhat a meditation but focuses on the common problem that you have right now, it is like looking at your thoughts from outside using your subconscious mind. Ask yourself “Why do I feel stuck right now?”, then reflect on those answers that you have in your mind.

Now you see what’s happening here? You are assessing your own thoughts and trying to filter what causes this feeling or this specific thought. By doing this, you will be able to find the answer or at least identify the main problem and that’s the FIRST STEP IN RESOLVING ANYTHING.

We often assumed that we don’t know what to do in times like this, but the real thing is that… WE ALL KNOW THE ANSWER DEEP INSIDE US AND WE JUST TEND TO NEGLECT OR AVOID THE “ANSWER”.

5. Rekindle the aspirations

This is kind of a unique way to deal that feeling of being stuck, but sometimes what I have seen is that we just forgot our “WHY’S”. Why did you ever decide of doing it in the first place? Whether about your business venture or something related to what you wanted to pursue in life. But what I am telling you is that you might just have to rekindle that fire that slowly burning out.

Try watching some videos of whom you admire, watch stories of successful people who you looked up or listen to stories of those who previously have tons of failure but still manage to get up and face the world with big smile.

I DON’T BELIEVE IN RUNNING OUT OF MOTIVATION, as motivations are everywhere, but what I do believed is that you might just have left your “WHY” and just have to bring it back again and fuel it with your passion to keep it burning.

6. “Look-back” into your journals

Well this only works for those who has their own journal, but if you don’t have yet. Try reading this and I can guarantee that there are tons of benefits of starting you journal.

But if you have, well this is for you! Now get your journals and open it. Try reading those thoughts that you have before and see how passionate you are and how you process your thoughts. LOOK OUT for those thoughts and feelings that excites you before. Read those memories that keeps you moving forward before, this is what I called “SOUL SEARCHING AT YOUR JOURNAL”.

Isn’t it great that you might have weird thoughts, which makes you smile while reading your own journal and realized how you process your thoughts before as compared now. It might be negative or positive, but at some point, you’ll realized that it is common for you to feel stuck, lost the motivation, or stumble, and there is NO POINT THAT YOU WILL EVER GIVE UP ON WHAT TO WANTED NOW.

Now do it NOW, let me know how it affected you.

7. Take a break!

After writing everything above, I realized that maybe we just deserve a little break and have to take some rest. You might have done so much that you’ve forgotten to take a break. Have a nice time to just go away from the chase and have a nice cup of coffee or just stare at the beauty of nature.

Just give yourself some break…and I know you deserve this…you’ve been a GREAT WARRIOR FOR REACHING THIS POINT and YOU ALREADY DID MUCH! Now, take some break and relax, give this as a reward for yourself.


Final thoughts

Finally, I may have broken this down into 7 things but, what I am telling here is that all you have to do is pause for awhile and think about it. DON’T EVER GIVE UP or LOOK DOWN ON YOURSELF, remember you already succeeded on overcoming a lot of things which life has thrown to you and YOU ARE STILL HERE GROWING, FIGHTING and THRIVING in this journey called “LIFE”.

Now which one is your favorite? Let me know your thoughts on this.







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