Goals and Success

Why you are not getting any results?

Photo by Yuris Alhumaydy on Unsplash

Have you ever felt that you are doing everything what you can do to chase your goals but still seems that nothing is happening? Have you ever felt like all your efforts are just being put into waste?

You might have felt this before or even experiencing this right now. All of us who aggressively chase our dreams, trying to make a difference and eagerly changing how we live our life. From reading, to waking up early, building and breaking habits, listening to motivational videos. But in the end, we ended up seeing the same failing results. Or worst, there was not even a single positive result.

Whenever we felt this, we always felt like giving up. Saying to ourselves “Maybe this is just not for me.” “I am not meant for this” “I can’t do it”.

I am telling you it is still TOO EARLY TO GIVE UP. Chasing success will never be easy, never think that success can happen in just a month or a year. Never believe that people achieve their success in just few months or a single year, everyone undergone this stage of rut. This stage that everything seems to fall apart even after working your ass off each and every day.

Let me tell you this “YOU’RE ON TRACK RIGHT”. This is part of the process and what you need to do is evaluate what’s happening.

This feeling will always be cured by ACTION, but this time it should be different. Why not consider these things why you are not getting any results and hopefully through this, it will help you realized that it is still too early to give up.

1. Unfocused and impatient

Maybe you are chasing too much and expecting too soon, you are doing everything all at once that you’ve felt overwhelmed and stuck. Sometimes we tried to be perfect at everything that we ended up not mastering anything. We often underestimate that success happens in an instant.

We have to understand that if we wanted to achieve something we need to focus and realized that changing success won’t be that easy. It took you how many years until you’ve realized today that you wanted to change something about your life and you can’t expect that will instantaneously produce results in just a few days or weeks.

We must understand that chasing success is like creating a better version of ourselves and it requires focus and patience. Reminding ourselves that doing the same thing over and over to change our life should be laser focus and will take some time.

2. You are just running around in circles

Before you give up, let me ask you this “Have you tried everything?”. If you said “Yes”, how sure are you that you’ve tried everything that you could to chase success? How sure are you that changing your situation is almost near to impossible?

If your answer is “No”, then why are you giving up?

Sometimes, we felt overwhelmed with everything that seems not working but maybe we just haven’t done everything that we could. Maybe we are just doing the same thing over and over again even if it is not working. Maybe you are just running in circles doing the same thing and expecting for a different result.

Why not pick yourself up now and do something different. Remember the reason you are not seeing results is just because you are doing something wrong. It will never be because you don’t deserve it, or it is not for you. It was just simply you’re doing something wrong. Change your plan, do some tweaks, take massive action until you’ve seen the results you are chasing.

3. Giving up easily

Stop thinking that everything is easy, set an expectation that it will take some time and it will be difficult. Nothing worthy comes easy, because if it is then it will not be something that you’ve wanted to achieve. THE REAL ESSENCE OF BEING SUCCESSFUL IS NOT ON THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG BUT WHAT LIES BENEATH IT.

Watch videos of those successful people who spend years chasing success and how they endured the same feeling that you are experiencing right now. The person whom you wanted yourself to be is always at the end of the bridge that you must cross. IT WON’T BE EASY; IT WILL SURELY BE SCARY BUT IN THE END, IT WILL BE WORTH IT.

Treat what you are experiencing right now as “Lesson” and “Reminder”. A lesson that you need to figure out and resolve the problems that you are experiencing right now.

You surely need to change something to see different results, and the reason why it seemed that you are not progressing is because you are doing something wrong. ASSESS AND LOOK BEYOND YOUR SITUATION AND SEE WHERE THE PROBLEM LIES AND TAKE ACTION.

You need to know that what you are experiencing right now is just a reminder. It is a reminder in a sense that you are on the right track. NO RESULT AND STILL ON TRACK? Yes, that’s right. It is just a reminder for you that you must improve, and you are doing something that doesn’t work and has to change something.

Give up on thinking that everything will be easy. Give up on thinking that this should be the end but rather think that this is just part of the process to become who you wanted to be and be at the place where you wanted to go.


We all ask ourselves and realized that we are stuck and this voice telling us to just give up. But remember having no results doesn’t mean that you have already failed, it just a reminder for us that there is something wrong and somethings needs to be changed. Now, pick yourself up and do something different, plan, take massive action, and be better than before.

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