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The fear of starting something…

Photo by Sammie Chaffin on Unsplash

Have you ever felt this fear that holds you back from doing something, something that you already know that it is very meaningful for you. You know it from deep within that you wanted to achieve something and yet you are standing still not doing anything about it.

Yourself is your own enemy, you wanted to do something and yet you are stopping yourself.

You wanted to write that blog, you wanted to create that youtube channel, you wanted to be a speaker and yet you are still here looking for an answer. Have you asked yourself why? Have you search deep within what’s holding you back from starting that project in your mind?

Fear of other people’s judgement

Let’s be honest, we are all afraid to face other people’s judgement to us. We are afraid to hear negative comments from other people about ourselves. We always prefer hiding behind the cages of our own self doubts trying to avoid these negative comments.

Let me remind you, everyone will ALWAYS have something good or bad to say about you. Remember that other people’s opinion will always be their opinion and it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be the truth.

A person’s opinion will always have something to do about how he thinks and feels at the moment. You might wanted to start that blog or that youtube channel but remember that the fear with others’ opinion will always be temporary, do it right away, push yourself to just do it and just let people have their own opinion.

There is nothing more fulfilling than doing something for yourself and not minding what other people will say about it.

Fear of failure

Failure is part of the process. It was never a destination or an end, like what our mind keeps on telling us. Without failure you will never achieve anything! Successful people became successful because of the lessons they learned from failing.

We wanted to do something but our fear of failure pushes us away from where our goals are.

Before we even start what we wanted, we already made this conclusion that things will just fail. This is the ultimate Dream Killer, you have the greatest opportunity and potential within you and yet you just stop right even before you start working on your dreams and goals.

Pick yourself up and start working on it. Your future self will thank you and for sure, starting might be the least that you can do for now but always remember that it will be the one thing that you will be the most thankful about when you achieved your dreams.


These are the things I wanted to remind myself of, we are all constricted by these fears that hold us back from becoming the best version of ourselves.

Don’t ever listen to your inner inferior self and keep on pushing yourself to be the best. Achieving your goals will always be a journey, although it may sound ironic, the only thing that we can do it just START DOING IT. DO IT NOW!!

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