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Take control, and you will see life differently

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How many times we feel like the things that are happening to our life our outside of our control? How many time we just accepted that everything that is happening is destined to happen?

We often blame our circumstances or other people on whatever things that happened to our life, you keep on playing this game of life as a “victim” rather than someone who has full control (we can’t control everything but we always have the power to change our perspective and control how we respond to whatever things that occur to us).

“Whatever you believe to be true, whether it is true or not; if you believe it, then to you it becomes the truth.

We must understand these limiting beliefs that we keep on telling to ourselves if wanted to take full responsibility of our life. Things happen to our life not because it is meant to happen but rather we just let it happen (some things can occur not are considered out of your control, but you have to understand that you have the power to change it into something that will push you to be better and strive for more, that is what I believed that makes us powerful in a way that we can control almost everything – even our responses).

You will be successful in life if you shift your thinking from passive to active. Be responsible, take full accountability of your life and take massive action to achieve it.

It makes me wonder why most of the people, think that they are a victim of life rather than thinking they have all what it takes to change everything.


The moment you started committing that you will take control of your life, is the moment of freedom.

1. You will feel a sense of freedom

Deciding that you have a control of your life gives a more sense of freedom, it shifts you from being passive to active. Instead of thinking that you are a victim of other’s decision you now shifted to a operator of your own life. You will see much more options in life and when you have several options, this means that you have freedom.

Think of a situation that you feel like you can’t do anything. Then, think of the smallest thing that you can NOW to change that situation. It can be your perception about it or just try doing the most trivial task that you can do now about it (it should be the most simple way, for example if you feel anxious about finances just save a dollar in your piggy bank NOW).

The small action will definitely not be significant now, BUT this will create a ripple effect and compounding impact to yourself that you are taking control of it, rather than just being a victim.

2. Your actions will transition from reactive to proactive

“If you can’t change the situation, change your perception of it.” – Anonymous

Almost in every situation we always have a choice. We can change something or change our view and perspective of the situation. Instead of just being reactive on whatever life is giving you, you have to be proactive and think about the things that you can control and take action on.

Being proactive means we are more focus on FINDING THE SOLUTION rather than just THINKING ABOUT THE PROBLEM. This gives you a sense of control towards your life as you are now focusing on the actionable items instead of those that you can’t really do anything about.

You will be more proactive in dealing how you can solve the problem rather than being passive and just thinking about the problems that you have in your life. Often times people just dwells on some “excuses” and just accept their fate not thinking about what they can do about their situation.

3. You will find more opportunity around you.

From the moment you started telling yourself that you will take control of your life and not live based on other’s expectations, you will start seeing more opportunity for you to grow and achieve your goals. We are often blinded by our situation or problem that we forgot to look around and look for ways that we can turn things around.

4. You will have a differently lens about life.

Taking control means you are accepting both the negative and positive sides of life. You will have a different lens that shows you life as it is, not based on your fantasy that everything is great or if you believe that it is a miserable journey that you are just suffering a throughout.

You will see life differently that gives you a more realistic but at the same visionary lens. You will be more focus in living a life that is more purpose-based rather than just going with the flow and whatever the crowd is doing. Taking control means you are not doing something just because people do it but rather you are doing something because you know it is “good” for you.

“Good” doesn’t necessarily means “happy” or what you “wanted”. It means that you have a deeper understanding of what will be beneficial for you and your goals in the end, it may not be easy or will require you to sacrifice but you know it will all be worth it in the end.


At the end of the day we all have the power to take control of our life, we just have to claim it and take responsibility of our actions to make it happen.

No one will give it to you until you started claiming and asking for it. You will notice that life will start to give you what you wanted as you started taking control and responsibility of every aspect of your life. Take control and see your life changed.

2 replies on “Take control, and you will see life differently”

Totally agree we are often overwhelmed by what we wanted in life that we usually forgot that we just have to start with one small change that can compound to a bigger results. Thanks for reading my article.


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