Pursue what is meaningful not what is expedient

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In the world growing with an idea that “quick” means “better”, we often caught ourselves following what the crowd is doing. We never really had the chance to reflect on what really matters to our life. Often times people keeps on moving in life not knowing clearly their purpose and just watching what others are doing or whatever seems to be convenient for them.

In life, we are always trap in choosing between meaningful and expedient. Unfortunately, often times what is “expedient” wins. There is no faith and no courage and no sacrifice in doing what is expedient. It is only a short-term gain that won’t last. Expedience is the following of blind impulse without even considering of the future.

We are being dragged by the short-term pleasure of choosing expedience over “meaning”. We forgot that life is all about meaning and purpose. We are not living just to live, we are all living to have a life. A life that you crafted with challenge, passion, creativity, joy and meaning.

Let me ask you;

  • Would you rather spend hours in front of the TV or watching Netflix instead of spending time with your family or calling your parents which you know makes you more happy?
  • Would you rather spend every weekend of the year partying instead of building your business which you know can help you build your future?

The trap of expedience are almost always short-term in nature. However, we always failed to see and look at the long-term gains. Thus, we keep on choosing expedience.


Sacrifice is the enemy of expedience. Throughout our life we’ve learned that sacrifice of the present is necessary in order for us to receive in the future. Almost every successful people that I know had to sacrifice one or another to achieve the status they are in now.

We are choosing expedience as we don’t want to sacrifice anything, we are blinded by the short-term gains we see that we forgot to see what lies in the future.

People can only delay the gratification if and only if they can see a perceived higher value in the future. Without the expectation of a higher rewards, it doesn’t make delaying gratification or the sacrifice even worth it.

If you are having problem delaying gratification, it is not just about self-control it is also about what is the perceived future value you can see by sacrificing or delaying the action now.

Without compelling meaning or purpose, you won’t be able to sacrifice anything. It is often more practical to do what is expedient and comfortable rather than delaying something without knowing its future benefits.


“To have meaning in your life is better than to have what you want, because you may neither know what you want, nor what you truly need. Meaning is something that comes upon you, as an act of will. Meaning signifies that you are in the right place, at the right time, properly balanced between order and chaos, wherething lines up as best it can at moment” – Jordan Peterson

To be honest no one really knows what we want in life, our emotions may change from time to time. What we want is somehow influence by the people around us, our surroundings and other external factors that influences us to somewhat choose what we wanted.

Having purpose means that you are giving a different “meaning” to your life. It adds both order and chaos and adds sweetness and spice to your day. You are giving it a more valuable aspect on how you can live your life differently and purposely.

We often wanted to do what is expedient as it takes less effort but only to find out that we become bored and not happy with what we are doing. Finding a purpose, is finding life itself. Seek what life is about for you and pursue it.

Do something, although it may be difficult or challenging at first, because it is good for you. Don’t just do something because you want it, but rather let it sink to yourself that you are doing it simply because it is good for you. Not everything that you want is good for you, always remind yourself about that fact. Choose something more meaningful to you and it will all be worth it.

We are often holding back because of our fears that we oversee all the rewards at the end. Pursue a more meaningful life and you will live each day with a fulfilled one.


Pursuing what is meaningful means you are doing it for a greater good. You are sacrificing the “now” to reap a more rewarding “future”. Don’t just do something because people told you to do so or because it is more convenient, but rather pursue something that you find more meaningful.

Now, how you do think you are living your life? Do you always choose what is expedient or are you pursuing what is meaningful?

2 replies on “Pursue what is meaningful not what is expedient”

I believe almost everyone is at that situation right now. We all wanted to pursue the most meaningfuls things about life. We have to have self-awareness and make it a habit to choose something meaningful over those easy things in life. Goodluck to us!!


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