Pursue what is meaningful not what is expedient

Photo by Michael Heuser on Unsplash In the world growing with an idea that “quick” means “better”, we often caught ourselves following what the crowd is doing. We never really had the chance to reflect on what really matters to our life. Often times people keeps on moving in life not knowing clearly their purpose […]

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The power of Essentialism

Photo by Andy Beales on Unsplash In the world overloaded with information and bombarded with news feeds from our social media account. Aren’t you drowning yet? We are in this generation that everything seems so important that we slowly forget what really matters to us. We keep on running the treadmill not knowing when to […]

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Why self-compassion matters?

Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash We often hear about improving our self-esteem and self-confidence but how about self-compassion? After doing my research about  this, I realize that I am my own worst critic. I know it was not just me, it is common to everyone to judge themselves and say harsh things believing that […]