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The easiest way to reach your goals!

Are you like me looking for the easiest way to reach your goals? Looking for something, some tips or steps that will help you reach your goals, or some magic tricks to be more successful the fastest way possible? Well I am telling THERE IS NO FAST WAY to get there, but, I can share you something. This is the EASIEST WAY to do it is so EASY that MAKES IT ALSO EASY NOT TO DO;

You know what it is?

It is all on your Daily HABITS.

“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of you success is found in your daily routine” – John C. Maxwell

Yes you read it right, have you ever thought what you did last year to reach your goals? Last month? Last weekend? How about yesterday?  We often neglect or oversee the things that we do each day but those are the reasons why you are there today. Have you heard the A Penny Doubled Everyday? Try reading it now.

This is just the same principle that we often neglect to see, we often look at the $1,000,000 instant prize at Day 1 than what we can get at Day 30. At Day 28, that’s the only time you realized and reaped the benefits of all your efforts and this will further give you more of what you have ever dreamed of. Way way more than the $1,000,000 instantly offered at Day 1.

This principle is  what Darren Hardy mentioned in his book The Compound Effect. (I have made a link on that for you to watch how Darren Hardy further discuss this compounding effect.)

“The accomplishment of any goal is the progressive accumulation, or compound effect, of small steps taken consistently over time” – Darren Hardy.

We are often blinded by the instant result that we wanted to see and often neglect to see what lies ahead of us. If you wanted to lose some weight, reduce your calorie in take each day, give up some sugary drinks each day, jog for at least 10 mins, drink 2 more glasses each day. Wanted to be more successful? Read 10 pages of self help book each day, listen to Youtube videos, read some motivation quotes, or listen to inspiring podcast each day.

Then only after a year or so, you will only realized how far you’ve reached something. That’s the power of compounding to your life. Each day that you do small and unnoticeable things for your goal allows you to significantly alter or change your future.

Now what?

Yeah I know that’s pretty easy and we all know this, but why almost all of the people often neglect this. We often don’t do this, because it is VERY EASY for us to just go with the flow of life. It is so easy not to do it because it is very simple! A very boring task, so easy that you can always miss it out.


I called this the “Habit Trailing”.

The Habit Trailing is the process of monitoring the progress of your daily habits towards your goal. It is like, you are following a trail or a path and each step is needed in order for you to reach your goals. One after the other and then viola! You’re there!

The moment that you start tracking your progress each day, it allows you to focus and consistently follow through your actions and eventually reach your goals and be more successful. This is based on the research that monitoring your progress increases the chances of succeeding.

The same principle with daily journals as you are becoming more aware on your actions each day you become more and more successful, you can further read the benefits of doing journal here.

I recently applied this as I am planning to buy my first real estate investment this year. I decided before to do my property analysis each day by just writing it in my notes but I noticed that it isn’t working for me, I kept on missing out doing it. Until one day (I know you can easily predict what happened), yeah, I stop doing it.

After that I decided to do something differently, and that is the Habit Trailing. I placed a sheet of paper (with days, looks more of a calendar) right beside my bed and whenever I did my analysis, I placed an “X” on each day that I successfully did it. You know what happened after I implemented it? It changes that game! I was able to do it daily! A lot easier than before, whenever I see my progress it pushes me to do it further and further, allowing me to do it consistently.

But wait.. wait a second..

Just wanted to be more realistic here. I am also human, I can’t say that I’m doing it 100% perfectly, like not even a single day was missed. I actually missed some days, but the Habit Trailing allows me to be on track. This allows me to get back on track easily and keep on doing the things that will lead me towards my goals.

Always remember, whatever you do today will always impact what lies ahead.

A simple challenge for you:

  1. Write your goals
  2. Write the daily small things that you can do to reach these goals (e.g., lesser calories, no more candies, no more soda, 10 push ups, read 10 pages of your good book) Note: It should be the simplest one!
  3. Do Habit Trailing.
  4. Be amaze on your progress after a month or so.
  5. Repeat!

Do this consistently and keep me posted on your progress. Now what? Do it Now!


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