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How to get back on track

Photo by JoelValve on Unsplash I know everyone experience having their “A” game for a week or so and have this overflowing feeling of self accomplishment and zeal to do more, then suddenly you broke the streak, failed doing it once and then suddenly everything seems so difficult to carry on and you just felt […]

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Goals and Habits: Why your goals are just dreams

Photo by Artur Matosyan on Unsplash I know you got intrigued if good habits works than goals or vice-versa. I am not saying that goals are not important but I think it was too overrated that we often forget how important building good habits are, in the context of achieving our goals. I know you’ve […]

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Easiest way to build new habit – Habit stacking

Photo by Daryl Baird on Unsplash Are you like me, eager to build good habits? Or have tried many ways to develop the habit but still stumbling in creating one? Maybe making it work for the first week then eventually falling off the track after two weeks or so. There is one approach that can […]


6 Habits of high performers

Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash This is my first book review that I’ve done here in my blog, I hope this would help you have a deeper understanding on some of the key habits that we have to implement in each of our life for us to significant change our life. I have recently […]